Our products drink from the philosophy and essence of what dictates my heart dictated by my 3 inspirations.

 1_ A style with its own character.

My instinct feels the environment, defines as I think, and acts harmonizing, different spaces and finishes.
My products harmonize an interior that have bet on the freshness, warmth and elegance that gave to homes, commercial premises and organisms, the distinguishing touch of the brand.
Javier Barrio Interiors. Inspiraciones.

2_ A land. A personal essence. Galicia.

A mystical environment, where rain is art, emigration conquers, but always returns to nourish itself with creativity and magic.
A place where a seduction inspired by the environment inspires and brings ideas of cheerful interiors, a charming air to achieve stays loaded with positive and mystical energy, and an attractive decoration for more particular spaces.
Inspiraciones Javier Barrio Interiors

3_ A neobaroque and postmodern trace.

Two counterpoints united by different times, where tradition brings the romantic touches to the sophisticated of our time.
That is the idea of our fabrics and wall coverings.